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The Fertilty Series Pinhole Page

The copyright to these images are held by the artist and work may not be used without approval of the artist

Photographers Galleries & Inspirational Places

FotoForum Pinhole Passions
Some of my newer images-Whispers&Stolen Moments
Many Faces of Reality
Two pinhole images created by combining long exposures with movement
Melissa Joi's Miscellany Page
a variety of images....35mm & medium format B&W's, polaroid image and emulsion transfers
Melissa Joi Slepekis Photography Spotlight
A variety of my images in several formats
L'Invitation au Voyage
Beautiful, Inspiring images by Philippe Moroux
Alicia Sparaco's Photography Spotlight
Beautiful B&W's and Multiple Esposure SX-70's
Pinhole Visions
The best pinhole forum on the web!
......yet another pinhole page
Alicia Sparaco.......Fine Art Photographer
inspiring touching images by a beautiful soul and dear friend

Melissa Joi Slepekis
Austin, TX 78704
United States

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